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Innehar F-skatt.
Teach Your Way Around The World: Microbook Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from my latest publication, in which I distill 2.5 years’ worth of experiences as a teacher in Japan, and present some cask-strength knowledge for those considering doing the same.


Japan had been on my “must see” list for as long as I can remember. An exotic land with it’s own unique culture, cuisine, literature, music, not to mention shows and comic books so insanely weird that they would make Hunter S. Thompson gasp in disbelief.
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Fight Cancer and Run:
Website Copy


I’ve recently written some copy for the Fight Cancer and Run homepage.

Fight Cancer and Run is a race held in Frihamnen in Gothenburg every year, in order to raise funds for cancer research. Last year, they donated a whopping 78,850 kr to the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation.

Head on over to their site to donate and/or sign up, and visit founder Cecilia Hedström’s blog here.
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